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Are you the type of guy or gal who wouldn't dream of hiring an interior designer because you are too passionate about design? I bet you have expensive taste, and love designer furnishings, and high end touches. You have vision, creative flair, and are always on the look out to get the biggest bang for your decorating  dollar.  I know and admire your type.

Most of us would not dispute that there is a level of excellence that a professional interior designer can bring to a space. One reason, out of many reasons, is that the professionals know their resources. Designers know where to shop, and are privy to beautiful fabrics, and high quality home furnishings, and things that most consumers never see. But, I know that not everyone feels the need to work with an interior designer, they love the thrill of the hunt. So for those of you who just love interior decorating and doing your own creative thing, this site is for you. It's where you'll manifest your decorating dreams and save big! 


Hi there. I'm Mia Adams, and I know you're out there because before I made the commitment to devote years of study to earn my interior design degree at the New York School of Interior Design I was one of you. I looked all over for deals on quality home furnishings so that I could make my home a beautiful and happy place to live.

I can still remember way back in the 1970's when after college I moved to my first apartment in New York City. My new husband and I shared an adorable apartment in the West Village with our  fox terrier. Back then I worked in the fashion/publishing industry. By day I was  as a fashion assistant at Harper's Bazaar Magazine. By night I took evening classes at the New York School of Interior Design. On week-ends I enjoyed  working at Stair & Company, a veddy, old world and posh English antiques gallery specializing in seventeen and eighteen century furniture and accessories. 

Wow, I was crazy about home decorating, but as a fashion assistant I made almost no money.  My decorating budget was minuscule, and I had no connections in the designer showroom  world. I loved the eclectic blend of classic and contemporary styles, and I scoured the city for deals, I used my Harper's Bazaar credentials to get in anywhere it would take me, I went to auctions, when very few went to auctions. I'd work the evening shifts at the big NYC antique shows. I was always looking for a deal. You name it, I tried it, but it was exhausting! So I know first hand what it is like to want to stretch your decorating  budget.  Been there done it!


The good news is that this site is my way of giving back. I think many of us want to give back, and we do it in our own way. MADP is a heart-centered company that was conceived to help people stretch their decorating budget. The bigger your budget is, the more valuable our service will be. So, if you have a good sized decorating  project for your new home, apartment, office or vacation property and want to stretch your budget (and who doesn't), then you have "struck it rich". Here is where you will get get that extra value added. 



If you're a name brand  shopper then I would say you are in luck! You can just pick from pretty much the whole world of luxury brand furniture manufacturers. These are the brands that you see on-line and at  Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Safeviah Home, ABC, Lillian August, the D&D Building, the New York Design Center and beyond. Your order will always be custom made with an everyday discount of 30% off retail. You don't have to wait for sales to get this price!

The beauty of becoming a Mia Adams Design Partner is that you can also have access to high end interior design showrooms  that are reserved for the "interior design trade", and other top quality luxury vendors, for a fraction of the retail price. 



But there is a major caveat. You have to do your own shopping, or what we  designers call sourcing. These prices are very low and exclude the typical middlemen. So then if you are one of the  design savvy guys or gals who loves doing your  own interior decorating projects, and you take the time to find  the best prices you are at the right place! It's kismet!!


This site isn't for "just looking" types, it would make no sense.  We have nothing to look at. This site  caters to those on the verge of a decorating challenge! Why? Only someone ready to buy who has been out looking will realize what an amazing value we are offering.  MADP is a service, a service that saves you money. The bigger your budget the more valuable the service will be to you.


In a nut shell the concept of Mia Adams Design Partners is that I will teach you some very important interior design lessons, and the professional ethics we stand by. This won't take long, but after you've aced company policy you'll be eligible to become my protege. The cost is $1,500.00. That includes two hours of my time to assist you with any questions, advice, and ordering. You will not sign up until you are ready to start your project, that way you will appreciate your saving.


We are not for everyone, and we keep things minimal to save you money. We are so bare bones I designed this site myself.  As a matter of fact MADP was created to help with scholarship funding for  my  pet project Interior Design Zone, an interior design workshop for young people who love design. 

Are you interested in knowing more about our resources, and how we will work together to save you lots of money?  Then e-mail and tell me about your project, and let me know how I can help you to manifest your decorating dreams and still save big!





I hope this site delights you, and inspires you, because we can all use a helping hand in making our wishes come true. 


Good things happen when people with similar passions find each



Happy hunting my friends! 



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The bigger your budget the more valuable our service.